Kirwan Group

About Us

Kirwan Group is a Melbourne based property developer, dedicated to quality construction, smart-home innovation and high-yield returns. Our process is transparent, comprehensive and relies on an intimate knowledge of the markets in which we operate.

Why Kirwan Group?

Clear objectives

We start by outlining mutual objectives and goals – whether it’s short-term profits rather than long-term asset growth – and further develop an innovative, high performing residential property development strategy with in-built capital growth.

Financing and feasibility

We do all the appropriate budgeting and financing to meet those goals. We also complete a property’s development feasibility assessment, weighing up the pros and cons and crunch the numbers to ensure there will be a worth-while profit

Maximising yield

We investigate various land and property type options and ensure the project meets environmental objectives and strategies put in place by council, in relation to sustainable design. As smart-home experts, we ensure the end product is progressive and highly desirable to a range of investors and purchasers

Reducing risk

Our experience and expertise protect ourselves and our partners from the many issues that can arise during the process, while ensuring a quick completion of the project saving time and money. We are constantly analysing present and future market conditions, we can effectively reduce risk from volatility such as interest rate changes, economic cyclical upturns / downturns, legislative changes and council regulations.

Detailed operations and management

We are the experts, which is why we manage every aspect of the property development process. From financing, sourcing land, evaluating site potential, to design, to having the proposal approved by local council, construction and finally sale, our approach is transparent and thorough.

Our Process and Services

As hands-on developers, we have stock available to sell, new projects in the pipeline and partnerships ready to forge. Whether it’s contemporary inner-city townhouses or sublime community living spaces, we’re always looking for new opportunities and investor relationships that enable us to create technically outstanding and beautifully designed residential building solutions.
Strategy and Planning
Design and Development