Kirwan Group

Kirwan Group is involved in all types of development opportunities and investor partnerships.

Our passion is building intelligent, boutique residential projects that are not only visually stunning, but deliver high growth and high-yield returns, irrespective of location and complexity.
We do it all – from funding, site selection, contracts, purchasing, design, plan approvals, construction, and the sale of the product – we share in both risk and reward to ensure the highest possible outcome and financial return.
If you’re looking to invest or develop property, contact Kirwan Group today.

Jason Kirwan

Jason Kirwan is proud to be one of Melbourne’s few ‘hands-on’ property developers. With more than 23 years of practical residential building experience, and expertise in smart-home technology and green building practices, Jason focuses on building assets in areas with proven long-term demand drivers. Jason is a firm believer any developer or investor can achieve positive fiscal impacts, when equipped with the right vision, strategy, expertise and support.

The Kirwan Process

Kirwan uses a full-spectrum development approach which is transparent, comprehensive and designed to ensure the highest outcome.

Asset Acquisition

Feasibility Analysis





The essence of this development exudes quality, clean, contemporary lines, and neutral tones. A 20 Townhouse development in a premium locale, with superior fittings and fixtures throughout.

An exciting new build in Plenty. A double-story, contemporary home that will exude the finest quality fixtures and fittings.